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For over 20 years the VCE Solutions revision program has assisted over 130,000 students to attain the highest grade possible for their VCE studies

What makes our VCE revision programs so popular is our:

  • Excellent presenters who are highly skilled and experienced teachers who understand the educational needs of senior students undertaking Unit 3 & 4 studies.  Many presenters are experienced VCE assessors and many hold or have held senior positions of responsibility with the VCAA.
  • Detailed VCE revision materials are provided to all students and teachers who attend our programs. These materials are very detailed with supporting diagrams, tables and charts and are prepared specifically for our VCE revision programs.
  • VCE revision programs address essential key areas of learning and study.
  • VCE revision programs clarify existing levels of knowledge and fully develop students understanding of the course.
  • VCE revision programs equip student to apply the content to the examination questions to a very high level. 
  • VCE revision programs are very reasonably priced.

VCE Revision Programs available