Legal Studies

VCE Legal Studies Presenters

Peter Farrar

Peter Farrar is a highly experienced teacher of VCE English and Legal Studies.  He is also an author of textbooks and website materials for Jacaranda Wiley.

Simon Phelan 

Simon Phelan is a Senior Commerce teacher at Haileybury College.  He is a co-author of Key Concepts in Legal Studies and was a member of the Legal Studies Study Design Review Panel.

David Brisset 

David Brisset is an experienced Legal Studies teacher and a former Method Lecturer in Legal Studies at Monash University.  David teaches Legal Studies at Methodist Ladies College and has also held a number of positions of responsibility with the VCAA.

Jeff Cameron

Jeff Cameron has co-authored several Legal Studies texts and has been actively involved in the Victorian Commercial Teachers’ Association and the VCAA for a number of years.

Peter Mouritz

Star of the Sea College.