Learn Apply Excel

At Pathways Education our VCE Revision Programs have three clear outcomes – Learn, Apply and Excel

By attending the VCE revision programs you have the opportunity to work with the leading teachers in Victoria in your subject areas which will ensure that you will develop a much stronger understanding of the subject matter. They will cover the essential key areas of learning and more fully develop your understanding of the courses you are studying. You will also work with other students motivated to attain their best which creates a powerful environment for learning.

Our teachers will apply the material covered during their presentations to the externally assessed examination. By attending our VCE Revision Programs you will understand more fully how to correctly interpret VCE examination questions; what information needs to be applied to VCE examination questions and how best to present that information. Past and possible future examination questions are explored.

You will finish the VCE Revision Program more informed, better prepared and with detailed revision notes that can be used as a central part of your VCE studies leading into the final examination. This will provide you with a distinct advantage over other students in Victoria who did not attend the VCE revision programs. You now have the opportunity to excel in you final VCE examinations.